Fall 2016 "The Universe and Me" Workshop

It's official - the Fall 2016 Rising Stargirls "The Universe and Me" workshop has wrapped up at YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley! From September 27 - October 20, the girls explored the universe through creative lenses; a few favorites included designing their own exoplanet, created their own constellations and origin myths, and developing poems and science communication pieces about life elsewhere in the universe.

Many of the girls were so excited to learn about astronomy & astrobiology, bringing their enthusiasm and creative ideas each day. Our last day culminated with an award ceremony to celebrate those who had successfully completed the program, raffling off items such as Celestial Buddies and a photograph donated by award-winning photojournalist Eugene Louie. Our girls also got to take home t-shirts designed by Rising Stargirls, astronomy-themed jewelry donated by Astronobeads designer Bea Doheny, and astrobiology graphic novels and other astrobiology/astronomy-themed gifts designed and donated by the NASA Astrobiology Institute