We encourage girls of all colors and backgrounds to bring their whole selves to the learning, exploration, and discovery of the universe.

By integrating creative strategies such as free writing, visual art, and theater exercises, we've created a new, innovative astronomy curriculum that addresses each girl as a whole by providing an avenue for individual self-expression and personal exploration that is interwoven with scientific engagement and discovery. 

Astronomy webinar workshop for middle school girls!
Universe: More Than Meets the Eye

Facilitated via Zoom by UC Irvine Astronomer, Astrobiologist, and TED Fellow Professor Aomawa Shields .

This webinar workshop is created for middle-school girls (grades 6-8) from groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences*, this workshop will explore constellations in the night sky, planets in and outside of our solar system, and the unseen mysteries of the universe. We will use writing, visual art, and theater games to process what we learn and discover. Bring your open minds, your own stories, and a sense of adventure!

TEACHERS: Activities in this workshop can be done in your classrooms to complement an existing science curriculum, or as an after-school program. And it’s free of charge (funding provided by the National Science Foundation)! For more information, visit www.risingstargirls.org or email Rising Stargirls Outreach and Communications Assistant, Jessica Nicole Howard at <jnhoward@uci.edu>

* American Indian or Alaska Native, African-American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian


Watch Dr. Aomawa Shields share her nontraditional career path to becoming an Astronomer.

Watch Founder and Director Dr. Aomawa Shields' TED-Ed Lesson:

Should we be looking for life elsewhere in the universe?


Fall 2016 "The Universe and Me"

In fall of 2016 Rising Stargirls held the "The Universe and Me" workshop at the YWCA in Pasadena-Foothill Valley! From September 27 - October 20, the girls explored the universe through creative lenses, bringing their enthusiasm and creative ideas to the workshop each day. Click here for the full recap!

Watch TED Talk of Founder and Director Dr. Aomawa Shields:

"How we'll find life on other planets"

"NSF Fellow Pairs Art, Astronomy to Hook Girls on Science"

Education Week, March 18, 2015


Banner image credit: Credit: NASA, ESA, A. Riess (STScI and JHU), D. Jones and S. Rodney (JHU),
S. Faber (University of California, Santa Cruz), H. Ferguson (STScI), and the CANDELS team


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Rising Stargirls Founder Dr. Aomawa Shields (Photo: Martin Cox)

Rising Stargirls Founder
Dr. Aomawa Shields (Photo: Martin Cox)

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